Michigan Mornings & California Evenings

by Chris Is

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This album is the culmination of thoughts, feelings and stories during my transition from Michigan to California. It examines the choices made, the relationships affected, and the lives changed. I wanted to share what I went through while trying to follow my dreams.

While running towards something you never realize that you are in turn leaving other things behind, as touched on in "Michigan Mornings," where I dissect my decision to leave; trying not to have selfish motives while hoping that people would wish me luck. The move was difficult but not just for me. I was leaving someone special behind and, in doing so, our relationship was never the same. This is the subject of "Down," an account of my break up and how I dealt with it.

However, not everything about the move was bad, let's not forget, it's Cali we're talking about. At some point you start to embrace your own portion of the night life, because it's moments like these that we remember the most; all of the events spread across one epic night of close-quarter interactions, inebriated senses and the much-desired human contact ("Take Your Clothes Off" and "Get Gone").

But eventually the next day comes and we return to reality, one that may not hold all of the promise that we initially expected. And that's when you come to the realization that the proverbial grass is only greener from afar. There were times that I didn't think it was worth it and truly regretted the decision. In a sense, I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up to something much better ("Wake Me When It's Over") but life, simply put, is a matter of causality (cause and effect). So in exchange for my dream-chasing relocation, I received empty promises and false happiness.

Yet, when it's all said and done --- despite not being where we thought we'd be, feeling like there isn't enough time in the day, and dealing with the overwhelming pressure of balancing professional and personal lives --- we find comfort in discovering the simple pleasures of being where we are both physically and figuratively. It's not an impossible mission, but it is a difficult task, to find someone with whom you connect physically as well as emotionally - one who eases the qualms of the daily struggle, and undoubtedly ignites a passion for the opportunity to create and nurture a truly serendipitous relationship ("So High").

Ultimately, this amalgamation of experiences and emotions result in a catharsis of sorts. For me, it is the purging of many inner thoughts and unspoken feelings on my life in and as a result of California. For you, it provides insight into who I am and what I've been through: the high of leaving Michigan for California, the low of leaving loved ones behind, the high of celebratory nights, the low of day-to-day frustrations, all balanced out with a sense of closure. A sense of closure that acknowledges one of the most important aspects of life.

If we have or hold on to nothing else, let it be the relationships and people we encounter - family and friends, near and far; understanding that these people, memories, and experiences cultivate us into the person that we seek to be.

Thank You,
Chris Is


released December 6, 2011

All Songs Written and Produced by Chris Is

1,3: Co-Written by Joe
7,8: Co-Written by Amy Todd
6: Written by The 9s



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